Connecticut Sports Law Blog: A Must

Posted: March 12, 2013 in Class Assignment
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Throughout my time in this class I have narrowed my “go-to” blogs down to a few that I know I can count on for the most updated information on sports, specifically NCAA reform and issues within the NCAA forum. The blog I feel I can always go to for great information and awesome linking is Connecticut Sports Law.

Connecticut Sports Law is a blog run by Dan Fitzgerald, an attorney at the law firm of Brody Wilkinson PC, in Southport, Conn. His experience in sports as a player, coach and attorney has allowed him to write interesting and knowledge articles about compliance, eligibility, NCAA scandals and other situations occurring everyday within the organization.

Screenshot of Connecticut Sports Law Blog

Screenshot of Connecticut Sports Law Blog

What I like most about this blog is the organization of posts. When first getting to the website, the main page has a list of featured posts. This initial category shows all of the posts from Connecticut Sports Blog that have been featured in magazines, newspapers or sports television shows.

Aside from the featured posts, there is a drop down menu of “All Posts” that is more along the lines of regular blog postings. Here is where all of the posts are listed in order, starting from the most current. What I really love about this blog is the “Friday Sports Briefs”section. Aside from Fitzgerald’s normal articles he posts frequently, this section pulls together a bunch of links to interesting articles from other noteworthy publications.

Another feature I enjoy about this blog is the different categories I can choose from. The drop down menu on the side allows me to pick one out of many different categories ranging from the NCAA to Youth Sports and everything in between. Once clicking on one of those categories, all of the blog posts written under that category come up in chronological order.

Like many blogs, this one is definitely conducive to social media. You can “like” the Connecticut Sports Law page on Facebook and follow Dan Fitzgerald’s Twitter account directly from the blog.

Although I have yet to use the comment feature, this blog seems like it has the potential to interact with the audience. There is an option to comment on each blog post and there is also a contact option to directly speak with Dan Fitzgerald.

In comparing this blog to others that I follow, I chose to compare it to The ByLaw Blog. This blog is written by John Infante, a former compliance officer at NCAA Division 1 schools. His articles have also been feature on ESPN, Sports Illustrated and USA Today. Although I do like this blog very much, I find it to be less appealing to the eye and harder to navigate than Connecticut Sports Blog. The articles are very informative, but it has less of an interactive feel with the audience.

Another website to compare Connecticut Sports Blog to is the Bleacher Report. This is not a blog, but it is a good website for anything going on in the professional and collegiate world of sports. One thing I do like about this website is it has a drop down menu for different blogs, categorized by sports.

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